The InterProbe system provides a graphic examination chart, making it easier for dentists to understand their patients periodontal condition.  Increased identification of the need for treatment can lead to improved patient care and improved cash flow.
  • Graphically illustrates examination results, increasing dentists information and assisting in the presentation of that information.

  • Simplified chart presentation helps to improve patient acceptance.

  • Standardized report format helps patients to monitor their treatment progress.

  • All blame for the readings are focused on the equipment, not the dentist.

  • Now the dentist is the solution versus being part of the problem.

  • Low pain from "The Gentle Probe" makes it easier to do follow up measurements.

  • Now periodontal treatments can be done before they become so serious that the patient needs to referred to a specialist.  This results in additional income for your practice.


"I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you how pleased I am with the InterProbe system.  I have increased productivity since it only takes one person to do the exam."

MP, D.D.S.


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